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CCHP is becoming a key sector to the development of smart grid



   At the eve of the Third Session of the Eleventh National People's Congress, Beijing power company’s smart grid demonstration project in Shunyi district was inspected by the delegation including following experts: Yang Jianzhong(NPC), Sun Pishu(NPC) and Zuo Yan'an (NPC). They had visited the demonstration project on March 4, 2010.
   This project synthetically demonstrates several features of the smart grid: informational, digital, auto-controlled, interactive-oriented. Based on the comprehensively combination of a variety of distributed power including solar power, wind power and CCHP, the smart gird supplies the uses reliable and economical power. Energy-Net undertakes the implementation of CCHP project, including project prophase concept design, cooling / heating / electricity load analysis, comparison & selection of layout options, equipments sizing, system commissioning etc. Energy-Net tackled a series of issues like short term construction and complicated system, achieved the successful implementation of CCHP and finally gained widely appraisal from the construction company.
   CCHP technology can achieve the seasonal balanced energy consumption, environment friendly and security thank to its advantages in energy saving, highly comprehensive utilization of energy, peak load shifting, release electricity supply intensity etc. Meanwhile, CCHP technology is capable to achieve energy saving, low-carbon economy, environmental protection concepts which advocated by the state, and further enhance the residents’ life quality. The demonstration project proved the flexibility of CCHP technology again. Its flexibility is capable to set up a smart grid quickly and efficiently, and finally achieve CCHP as a key sector to the development of smart grid.